Interested in joining us? Drop on by and check us out!  Talk to the coaches, meet the community, experience the fun but challenging workouts!

Once you’re convinced, we offer multiple commitment levels to fit your schedule.

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Do you work in or near the Inner Harbor and have a group of co-workers interested in joining?  Have your HR department contact us for Corporate Wellness opportunities!

1-2-1 Personal Training

Programs developed for each client target individual movement deficiencies, weaknesses, cardiovascular conditioning, and overall health. If you think you need specialized attention, this program is for you!
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Performance Classes

Performance classes are our most economically smart choice. They provide you with the guidance of a Professional Trainer and workouts programmed for you six days a week. Your first month is filled with mandatory nutritional tracking and guidance, goal setting, and accountability. It isn’t just about the WODs, it’s about the whole package. This. Is. Performance.
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Open Gym

Open Gym Hours:
M-F: 8:00am -11:00am
Saturday: 8:00am- 10:00am
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